EMC Compressor Reduces of CO2 Emissions

Embraco’s EMC Compressor Demonstrates Unprecedented Levels of Energy Efficiency

HVAC Insider, June 15, 2017

Embraco, one of the largest manufacturers of hermetic compressors and cooling solutions for refrigeration, is presenting a case study on the EMC Compressor, an industry-leading and environmentally friendly compressor that uses natural refrigerant R290, at ATMOsphere America. ATMOsphere America is a conference focused solely on natural refrigeration being held in San Diego, CA June 5-7. The first ATMOsphere conference was held in Europe in 2009. Conference attendance has grown year-over-year and in 2017 there are five ATMOsphere conferences being held around the world – Europe, Japan, Australia, America and Asia.

The EMC Compressor is a highly innovative compressor designed for use in beverage coolers, vending machines, under-counter coolers and reach-ins. The EMC Compressor is one of the world’s most efficient single-speed compressors for light commercial applications, generally consuming up to 30 percent less energy than traditional compressors currently sold in the United States. It features a smaller platform with an extended cooling capacity that can replace larger compressors, releasing more internal space in the equipment.

“The EMC Compressor is one of the most efficient R290 single speed compressors available in the U.S. market,” said Michel Moreira, North America Commercial Sales Manager, Embraco. “Since the EMC compressor became available, it has helped OEMs in the U.S. meet new regulations. We are thrilled to share this new case study at ATMOsphere America, which showcases how the EMC can significantly improve energy efficiency to meet new requirements and ultimately limit the impact on the environment.”

The case study being presented at ATMOsphere America is a collaboration between Embraco and Continental Refrigeration, a commercial foodservice refrigeration equipment provider. The study examined a 7-cu. ft. worktop freezer using an R134a compressor. Embraco worked with Continental to replace the compressor in order to meet a number of challenges, including the new energy efficiency standards defined by the Department of Energy (DOE), continuing to meet the NSF Food Safety Requirements and finding a long-term solution for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new regulation that phases out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which took effect this year.

In this study, Embraco and Continental replaced the R134a compressor with the EMC Compressor that uses R290. There were changes made to the expansion device, but no modifications in any other component of the cabinet were made. Following the compressor replacement, energy consumption was reduced by 32 percent, allowing the cabinet to surpass the new DOE allowance, as well as the new challenging ENERGY STAR 4.0 standards.

Overall, changing the compressor resulted in an 85 percent reduction on the environmental impact due to CO2 emissions.

“We were very pleased to see the results the EMC Compressor provided in this worktop freezer cabinet,” stated John Prall, Embraco Technical Support Engineer. “The EMC Compressor allowed the cabinet to reach a whole new level of efficiency. The ENERGY STAR 4.0 is the most stringent voluntary energy efficiency standard and is typically only achieved by 20 percent of equipment. This case study truly demonstrates the benefits R290 provides compared to traditional compressors using HFCs.”

Continuing the Conversation on Natural Refrigerants

Beyond the EMC case study, Embraco has representatives participating in the Industry Standards and Regulations Panel and the Training Panel. Marek Zgliczynski, Manager of Commercial Refrigeration, Product Engineering at Embraco, will be a presenter in the Industry Standards and Regulations Panel where he will discuss the evolution of the Refrigeration Equipment International Safety Standards. In 2016 Marek was elected as Chair of the International Electrotechnical Commission, where he helps to ensure world safety standards for the refrigeration segment.

Additionally, Johari Gregorio, Senior Technical Support Specialist, will be presenting in the Training Panel. During this session, Johari will discuss the benefits of hydrocarbons (HCs), how to simplify the process of converting to HCs and the safety and handling of HCs and equipment that use them.

“Sustainability and innovation drive our company’s strategy,” stated Moreira. ”We are focused on developing new technologies and refrigeration solutions that meet our customers’ needs, promote energy efficiency and reduce consumption of natural resources. The work we are presenting at AMTOsphere fully supports our belief that hydrocarbons are the ideal solution for the future of refrigeration.”


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