Building Control Systems Improve Business Operations

Facility Control Systems Add Energy Efficiency for Food Retail Businesses

Facility control systems may be the answer for food retailers that want to maintain efficient — and profitable — operations.

Facility controls allow food retail business owners the ability to monitor building and refrigeration systems such as walk-ins, coolers, heating, AC and HVAC units, as well as lighting. The data gathered helps facility managers react to potential issues that could impact the shopping experience.

As reports, “Updated controls allow retailers to move beyond disparate building control systems to connect all store equipment, including commercial kitchen and foodservice equipment, and gain insights to improve operations. With an integrated facility management system, retailers gain additional visibility, power, and control throughout an entire enterprise of stores and distribution centers from a central location.”

A recent Emerson Retail Solutions survey found that energy costs continue to be a top concern for facility owners and managers. New technologies are allowing facility operators to gain a clearer picture of energy use, which can be used to better utilize facility controls and manage equipment performance. All this leads to improved energy efficiencies.

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