6/3 Webinar: Modeling the Grid Impacts of EV Charging

How will electric vehicle (EV) charging impact the grid? Register today for our upcoming webinar to find out more!

Modeling the Grid Impacts of EV Charging

June 3, 2020
12 PM ET | 9 AM PT

As cities, states, and utilities realize the greenhouse gas (GHG) benefits of electric vehicles (EVs), they also grapple with the challenge of integrating what will ultimately be tens of thousands of large, temporally and spatially dynamic loads. This webinar will share analytical modeling enhancements, including detailed facility-level load shape analysis, that can help identify the optimal integrated operation for EV charging, DERs, and other dynamic loads within a facility, and estimate the technical, financial, and environmental performance of a proposed hybrid DER system.

Speaker: Walter Schaefer, ERS

Walter Schaefer, EIT, is a Project Engineer II at ERS with experience in demand side management, distributed energy technologies, and electric mobility and transportation. He provides expertise in the economic analysis and operational modeling of hybrid distributed generation (DG) systems, including solar PV, cogeneration, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging, and is well-versed with the associated data analysis and storage tools.

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