Whole-building Analytic Options to Comply with Increased Need for Energy Analysis

Where do Whole-Building Analytics Fit in the Energy Professional’s Toolkit?

AutomatedBuildings.com, October 17, 2014

New York City just announced a building retrofit plan to move it towards the goal of an 80 percent reduction in emissions by 2050.  As municipalities and states make such public commitments, the pressure is on property owners to comply.  This dynamic increases demand for energy benchmarking, energy audits, energy savings estimates, new construction and retrofit commissioning, among other activities related to improving the energy efficiency and comfort of building stock.  Yet, while the need for building energy analysis is growing, the talent pool of building energy experts is limited. New whole-building energy performance assessment tools are one way technology innovators are trying to fill the gap.

Looking at any system from a high-level and as a whole is usually the best way to get to know its key drivers. The ability to assess energy performance of whole buildings through a quick data analysis would certainly be welcome. But, can you extract sufficient information for business decisions regarding the prioritization Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in this way, given the idiosyncrasies and well-hidden features of commercial buildings? Answering this question affirmatively by improving the contributing technologies has been a challenge embraced by innovators of all stripes. Here is a list to help you sort the field:

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