Vancouver Wine Retailer Sees More than Just Energy Savings from LEDs

B.C.’s wine superstore switches to LEDs, recouping valuable retail space and saving energy

Business Vancouver, October 20, 2014

Wine lovers know that unwanted exposure to heat and light can wreak havoc on a bottle of wine. Exposure to these two elements can age a wine prematurely, which is why industry aficionados, like Rory Conroy, Store Manager at Everything Wine in North Vancouver, go to great measures to safeguard their stock.

“A single bottle of Ornellaia, a red wine blend sourced from Tuscany, costs close to $200 CAD,” says Conroy. “We simply could not risk merchandising the Ornellaia or any other bottle of wine near the MR16 halogen track lights that used to frame the store’s Vintages Room. The halogen lights gave off too much heat, and the quality of the wine would have been in jeopardy.”

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