A Value Proposition with DC Motor Control

The most expensive solution is always a tough sell. The effort requires a well-informed customer who understands, appreciates, and can afford the value offered. In this case the value is higher performance, higher efficiency and longer life. If you have the budget, this technology should be on your wish list…

DC Universal Motor Control – Migrating to High Performance

EE Times, December 5, 2013

The migration from an AC universal motor drive to a DC drive is not unlike the migration from a circa-1980s Chevrolet Caprice Classic station wagon to a brand-new Audi Quattro.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the old station wagon; it will get you where you need to be, but let’s face it: The car is going to be noisy, inefficient, and not particularly responsive. With the Audi, there are significant performance improvements to be gained. It offers a far more nimble, responsive, and efficient drive. The Audi is quieter, its power plant more sophisticated. It’s a fantastic car for those who can afford it, just as a DC drive is an excellent choice for demanding universal motor applications in which cost takes a back seat to performance.

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