Considerations for Food Processors When Analyzing Transmission Systems

Assessing Motors’ Optimized Power Packages

Food Processing, December 13, 2013

From a glass-half-full perspective, the relatively short life of electric motors in food manufacturing environments is a blessing in disguise, giving companies the opportunity to reassess their power transmission system when it’s time to order a replacement motor.

Ten-plus years is the rule-of-thumb for induction motors in general industry, notes Mark Gmitro, business development engineer-food and beverage at Baldor Electric Co., Greenville, S.C. In sectors such as grain-foods production, 6-10 years is more likely, and in harsh environments like poultry plants, 2-3 years of useful life is not unheard of. Standard NEMA motors manufactured in recent years boast electrical efficiencies that rival premium motors, discouraging many organizations from upgrading.

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