Understanding The Utility Of The Future: Who Will Get Left Behind?

The Utility of the Future: Shifting Regulatory Paradigm, or Demise of the Grid?

NEEP, July 16, 2014

Massive grid defection could happen in the near future. A speaker at New England Electricity’s 141st Restructuring Roundtable, “The Electric Utility of the (Near?) Future; and The Promise of Storage for Renewables,” presented on the economic benefits of going off the grid, sending ripples through the packed audience that lined the walls and filled the overflowing room.

Clearly, this was a big deal. As a Public Policy Intern at NEEP, a meeting in Boston with the who’s who of the New England energy scene discussing major changes is the height of excitement. The June 27th Roundtable was moderated by Dr. Jonathan Raab of Raab Associates Ltd., and hosted a star-studded panel of energy leaders, whose presentations are available online.
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