U of T’s Entrepreneurs Shine Light on EE, Reduce Pollution and Improve Sleep

Lighting brighter: 6 ways smart sustainable lighting transforms cities, health, business and the environment

University of Toronto, August 13, 2014

Walk into a hardware store these days and you’ll find more varieties of light bulbs than ever before.

Some may look a bit strange and cost a bit more than the incandescent bulbs that used to be the norm. But these amazingly energy-efficient, “green” lighting solutions – and others still in development – are also helping to drastically change our homes, our cities and our world.

For example, “light emitting diodes” (or LEDs) are already starting to brighten up the GTA even as they reduce city energy bills. They dress up Toronto’s CN Tower with colourful, changeable, sustainable light displays – and they’re popping up in more day-to-day fixtures, too.

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