U.S. Green Building Council: A Sustainable Office Environment

A day in the life of a USGBC intern

US Green Building Council, July 10, 2013

For many college students, summer is about lounging by the pool or catching up on some much-needed pleasure reading. For others, summer is a time to gain real world job experience, also known as an internship. So I chose the latter for how I would spend my summer and flocked to the nation’s capital to pursue some amazing opportunities.

Since I had already received an offer to intern at a federal agency three days a week, I was looking for something else to round out my summer experience. I began looking for opportunities at non-profits and found myself a spot at USGBC. I am studying environmental and sustainability studies, and so I wanted something that would complement my schoolwork, and there was no better fit than USGBC. I mean, why have one internship when you can have two?

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