The Turbo Pot: How Non-Utility Cost Benefits Can Outweigh Utility Cost Savings

THE TURBO POT, September 10, 2014

I’m always on the lookout for real-world examples of how non-utility-cost financial benefits can outweigh utility cost savings. I recently came across a product that has the stamp of approval from many utilities and efficiency organizations for its ability to reduce gas consumption in the restaurant industry. When I looked into this product’s features and benefits, it became clear that utility savings were not necessarily the most important driver for its widespread adoption.

The product is called a “Turbo Pot,” and what differentiates it from the average pot is its thick aluminum bottom into which fins have been milled. You can think of it as the opposite of a heat sink that you might find on a very powerful car stereo amp, which removes excess heat so the amp doesn’t cook itself in the trunk of your car. The fins on this pot increase the surface area of the bottom of the pot, which is designed to maximize the pot’s absorption of heat.

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