Tunisia: Regional Leader for Energy Efficiency Policy in the Middle East

Tunisia tops Arab energy efficiency rankings

Almonitor, April 1, 2014

The 2013 Arab Future Energy Index (AFEX) assesses the progress made by countries in energy efficiency, according to four evaluation axes, namely: energy pricing, policy framework, institutional capacity and electricity utilities. AFEX uses 24 quantitative and qualitative indicators to evaluate the countries in question.

According to AFEX, Tunisia, out of 13 assessed countries, proved to be characterized by a comprehensive policy framework aimed at improving energy efficiency. This framework consists of a wide range of measures that include regulatory, tax and financial instruments. These cover electricity and other forms of energy, and affect all economic sectors: residential, service, industrial, electricity, lighting, buildings and home appliances.

Tunisia has demonstrated a clear commitment to continuous improvement through regular monitoring, reviewing and amending, as well as through laying emphasis on energy efficiency requirements. AFEX stressed that the key to Tunisia’s success is the presence of a body with a strong institutional leadership strategy. It also attributed this success to the allocation of the required resources in conjunction with a competent staff.

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