The Plug and Play Tech Center & IoT Accelerate Connectected Lighting Technology

Connected lighting: Partnerships form to advance networked SSL with IoT

LEDS Magazine, July 27, 2015. Image credit: Ardonik

Royal Philips has announced that the company, and specifically Philips Lighting, will seek to collaborate with forward thinkers in the technology industry on Internet of Things (IoT) technology via a new relationship with the Plug and Play Tech Center based in California’s Silicon Valley. The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), the industry association behind Wi-Fi wireless networking, has announced the formation of a Connected City Board that’s intended to help cities deploy networks which in many cases will be lighting-centric (also known as connected lighting). Indeed, both indoors and out, LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL), which can deliver even greater energy savings when networked for control, may become the backbone of broader-reaching broadband communications and a variety of municipal, commercial, and private services.

Plug and Play

The Plug and Play Tech Center is an investor and technology accelerator with a global focus. With IoT a primary focus, the center’s participants include 300 technology startup companies, 180 investors, and a number of university and corporate partners. Philips will become an anchor partner.

Philips has broadly pursued connected lighting on its own with a focus on both indoor and outdoor projects. For example, Philips is behind a pioneering Power-over-Ethernet (POE)-based connected lighting installation in an Amsterdam office building in which the SSL-based network will be used to gather data on occupancy and energy usage. Moreover, the company announced a partnership with Ericsson last year to use networked street lights to serve as mobile broadband access points.

About the new collaboration, Philips said connected lighting combined with sensors can deliver new “business outcomes.” Examples provided by the company include understanding building operations to optimize real estate expenses and location-aware retail services. Philips recently announced a deployment of light-based communications, often called visible light communications (VLC), in a location-centric application at major French retailer Carrefour.

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