The Emergence of Natural Refrigerants

Natural Refrigerants: ‘Unmistakable Trend’

ACHR News, June 1, 2015. Image credit: Unsplash

According to Rule, three central trends are having an impact on the business environment in the natural refrigerants sector. They are:

Carbon-dioxide technologies — Long considered something of an outlier from a technology perspective, CO2 is moving into the mainstream and opening the door in new commercial arenas, such as supermarkets;

Low-charge systems — These are expanding the natural refrigerants marketplace by introducing new industrial and commercial applications for ammonia; and

The phaseout of R-22 in the U.S. — This and the broader F-gas phaseout in the European Union are starting to influence decision processes in the commercial and industrial markets.

“Propelled by regulatory change and environmentalism, and fueled by our industry’s relentless development of new, ever safer, and more efficient technologies, an unmistakable trend has emerged: The world is moving toward natural refrigerants,” Rule said.

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