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Tesla Begins Development of Residential PV Battery System

Tesla developing battery system for houses to store solar power

Global Construction Review, February 18, 2015

Tesla Motors, the US company known for electric vehicles, is developing a battery system for houses that can store solar-generated power for when the sun isn’t shining. 

The claim was made by Elon Musk (pictured), the firm’s chief executive, during a conference call with Wall Street analysts earlier this week.

The idea is that the battery system would work in tandem with photovoltaic panels in the roof of a home. The batteries would store surplus electricity produced when the sun is shining and make it available when it isn’t.

It would allow residents to make proper use of the panels and also protect the grid from sudden fluctuations of feed-in current, which can be difficult to balance.

Musk said Tesla had already produced a successful design for the batteries, and suggested that the first public demonstration could begin in the next month or so, with production starting up by the end of August.

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