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New Technology to Eliminate Industrial Emissions by 95%

ClearSign Has The Answer To Industrial Pollution

Manufacturing.Net, January 15, 2015

The age-old warning – don’t play with fire – doesn’t seem to apply to ClearSign Combustion Corp. In fact, the manufacturing industry is quite lucky that they decided not to heed this cautionary warning. That’s because ClearSign Combustion Corp. has developed a new technology for the combustion region, dubbed Duplex Tile Technology. This new combustion technology could change the industry entirely by eliminating industrial emissions by a staggering 95 percent, reducing downtime and maintenance costs all while increasing profitability and fuel efficiency for manufacturers and plant operators.

The Duplex Tile Technology is completely unique and one of a kind. ClearSign developed it with the intent of preventing industrial pollution, while also simultaneously creating energy efficiency. In order to accomplish these seemingly impossible goals, ClearSign has completely altered the process of industrial burning and the flame itself.

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