Technological Advances in Lighting Making Fast Returns on Investments

Lighting With New Technologies

Energy Vortex, March 14, 2014

If there’s one technology that’s skyrocketing in efficiency and engineering, it’s lighting. Even as you read this you can count on seeing better performance and product choices when you’re ready to upgrade your lighting system. And you will be ready . . . soon. Because, the energy savings make for irresistibly fast returns on investments (maybe even from day one of flipping the switch). Then, too, there are improvements to the workplace that boost employee performance, so the payback keeps on delivering. And better yet, the resources for planning make it easy to get the job done fast and hassle free. So let’s see how lighting manufacturers are boosting the operations of businesses and institutions. And, just to add some credibility to the promise of better performance in the future, we’ll look at some high-tech solutions and research coming to market soon.

It’s yesterday’s news that LED technology is at the forefront of the revolution in the field of lighting and controls, and we’ll be looking at the latest advancements. However, other technologies, such as induction lighting, shouldn’t be overlooked, according to Brandon Marken, Vice President of Sales, Everlast Lighting, Jackson, MI.

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