Whitehorse Builders Battle to Construct the Most Energy Efficient Homes

Whitehorse builders net zero

“A few years ago a friend of mine and I built a home that at the time was the most energy efficient home in Whitehorse and then a couple of other friends raised the bar a little bit and so now we’re just trying to nibble away at the last little bits of crumbs of energy wastage in the homes,” he says.

The Importance of Residential Sustainability for Buyers

Have you ever been at a dinner party and the person next to you starts telling you what they do for a living, and before you know it you have no idea what they’re actually talking about, but you just keep nodding politely, smiling and saying, “u-huh” in all the appropriate places?

2015 IECC Introduces Energy Rating Index Compliance Path

Process Efficiency-2015-IECC

Are you ready for the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)? Changes to the 2012 code will make the 2015 version the most energy-saving code yet. But, as with any building code, the 2015 IECC has to be adopted by a state or local jurisdiction before it takes effect.