De-Buzzing Heating Degree Days (HDD) & Energy Use

heating degree days

Energy Efficiency Buzzwords De-Buzzed: Heating Degree Days Penobscot Bay Pilot, February 12, 2015 Every industry does it. We use words that mean so much to us that we don’t realize that they’re meaningless to the rest of the world. This series – Energy Efficiency Buzzwords De-Buzzed – attempts to change that. Have a “green” word … Read more

Energy Storage Key to Grid Connectivity


Experts Tout Storage At Wyoming Energy Conference Wyoming Public Media, February 16, 2015 Energy storage will be a key part of the grid of the future, according to industry experts speaking at this month’s Wyoming Infrastructure Authority conference. Currently, power generation and consumption are balanced in real-time, but storage would allow power generated now to … Read more

The Clean Power Plan Tug-of-War in Republican States


Republican States: Think Twice Before Rejecting the EPA’s Clean Power Plan Energy Collective, February 5, 2015 Republican state governors and legislators will be raising your electric rates soon, according to a recent economic study commissioned by the National Mining Association and various other industry groups. But only if they refuse to implement the Environmental Protection … Read more

Missouri Cooperative Takes the Plunge Into Solar


Missouri co-op to be first in state to launch community solar Midwest Energy News, February 3, 2015 Rural electric cooperatives in states across the Midwest have been investing in community solar in recent years and now, Missouri is joining their ranks. A co-op that serves about 18,000 customers just north of Kansas City is starting construction … Read more

Renewables are a Game-Changer for Stadiums & Arenas


Clean energy for stadiums: a winning combination Getting to Zero Forum, February 2, 2015 On game day, thousands of sports fans flock to stadiums to see their favorite team battle it out, without paying mind to the immense resources needed to power the arena. What many visitors do not realize between eating, drinking, and cheering … Read more

Clean Technology Transforms Energy Management

New Report Shows Energy Intelligence Software Critical to Enterprise Energy Management Forbes, January 26, 2015 According to a new report by Forbes Insights, in association with EnerNOC, “No More Wasted Energy: The Power of Energy Intelligence Software,” information technology can help enterprises reduce energy costs, mitigate risks, streamline compliance and increase operational efficiency. Advanced software systems … Read more

Amazon Wind Farm to be Built in Indiana


Amazon plans wind farm to power its data centers The Seattle Times, January 20. 2015 Long criticized by some environmentalists for indifference to clean energy, took a big step toward using renewable energy Tuesday, announcing plans to support the construction and operation of a wind farm in western Indiana. Amazon will work with Pattern … Read more

The Best Time of Day to Charge Your Smartphone


Should we unplug our chargers each night? Tech Radar, January 17, 2015 If you own a smartphone of any description then you’re probably familiar with seeing the battery warning level light flick on at some point during the evening. It’s now become standard practice for phones to be charged up at least once every 24 … Read more

Energy Storage in Compressed Air to Feed the Grid


A lot of hot air? Why energy storage matters CNBC, January 12, 2015 People around the world are turning to renewable sources of energy such as the wind and sun, which offer a sustainable and abundant source of power for our homes, cities and offices. But what do you do when the sun isn’t shining … Read more