Integrating Variable Renewable Energy into the Grid Requires Change

Want more wind and solar? We’ll need to get rid of outdated grid rules. Vox, July 23, 2015. Image credit: Ivana @ St Nicks For the most part, wind and solar — also known as variable renewable energy (VRE) — haven’t run into those constraints yet, because their penetration remains relatively low. In 2014, wind generated just … Read more

Electricity Demand Continues to Decline in Australia


Electricity Demand In Australia Drops Again  Energy Matters, January 15, 2015 A report published yesterday shows electricity demand in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) decreased again in 2014. Following a trend that began in 2009, GreenMarkets says consumption fell last year by 1.1 per cent – 2,098 gigawatt hours less than 2013 levels. The only … Read more