Survey Shows Gap in Efficiency Delivery Mechanisms for Small to Medium Customers

Survey results on EE, financing in smaller markets

Intelligent Utility, January 29, 2014

The energy efficiency (EE) industry has experienced exponential growth over the past two decades, though one sector continues to be left out of the race: small to medium enterprises. At Joule Assets, we reached out to more than 3,000 energy efficiency professionals to better understand why small and medium enterprises are not engaging in the virtuous cycle of energy efficiency. The results were clear and needed to be addressed.

Joule Assets’ first-of-its-kind survey reached a broad range of energy efficiency professionals, including contractors, manufacturers and controls operators. Focusing on key influencers and decision makers, the survey conclusions illuminated the impediments preventing small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) from participating in the virtuous cycle of efficiency and provided significant data to better understand how the finance side of the industry can support energy efficiency growth.

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