The Sunshine State Has Untapped Efficiency and Renewable Potential

Gita Subramony for Zondits, September 1, 2014

Florida’s Public Service Commission is currently reviewing the state’s efficiency and renewable goals. Energy efficiency has great potential in the state to help comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan as well as creating jobs and stabilizing energy prices. However, the state’s utilities are pushing for a 97% cut in the state’s already meager efficiency initiatives. Florida should consider decoupling, which will separate utilities’ revenues from their energy sales and will allow utilities to engage in efficiency programs. In addition to efficiency, Florida has untapped solar energy potential (there’s a reason it’s called the Sunshine State).


Florida’s Energy Efficiency and Solar Resources Are Ripe For The Picking, Our New Report Shows

Switchboard, August 14, 2014

Growing up, I watched a lot of orange juice commercials that showed Florida citrus trees almost overflowing with fruit. (Sunshine State, my apologies for even mentioning this in the midst of your current citrus crisis. )

That image of trees heavy with fruit keeps coming to mind as NRDC releases a new report, co-authored with my colleague Katharine McCormick, on how Florida can best comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s power plants; as the Florida Public Service Commission, the state’s utility regulator, simultaneously deliberates its mandated five-year review of the state’s energy efficiency goals and solicits comments on how the state can best comply with the CPP (you can check out the questions the PSC wants addressed and get the email address for comments here); and, as utilities in the state propose a mind-blowing 97 percent cut in Florida’s currently minimal efficiency programs. (More on that later.)

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