Subsidizing the Installation of Demand-Enabling Technologies

Demand Response Enabling Technologies from the NYSERDA Peak Load Reduction Program

Gary Epstein with Mark D’Antonio and Chris Smith for Zondits, November 3, 2013

The NYSERDA Peak Load Reduction program is an innovative initiative that is intended to serve as a focused demand response or kW reduction enabling equipment installation incentive programs, thereby supporting the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) curtailment programs.

For the NYSERDA program, the key objective is to subsidize the installation of demand enabling technologies. This presentation will provide an overview discussion of the multitude of technologies that are appropriate for demand response. The appropriateness and limitations of different technologies for different purposes or programmatic objectives will be described. Key technology categories that will be included in our discussion are: online and real time energy and demand information and reporting systems; direct load control technologies; metering systems; energy efficiency technologies; comprehensive building automation systems; demand-focused control systems; lighting control technologies; emergency generator systems; distributed generation systems; and load shifting equipment.

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