Study Shows Smartcool Software Saves 18% for Refrigerated Containers

Smartcool Software Hits 18% Energy Savings Mark

Environmental Leader, March 24, 2014

Two sea-going refrigerated containers powered by Smartcool’s energy efficiency technology achieved an 18 percent energy savings, according to a results of an evaluation.

Smartcool develops energy efficiency solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning using its own software products. Initial testing of Smartcool’s software on this new application demonstrated 18 percent energy savings on the compressor in a Carrier refrigeration unit. The savings translates to a return on investment well under 12 months for customers,  Smartcool says.

Smartcool’s  ECO3 hardware platform is used to deliver the company’s software algorithms in this new application. The company plans to complete more tests on the over-the-road refrigerated  trailers in the second quarter of 2014. A number of pilot installations will follow, the company says.

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