Solano Energy Watch Evaluations Saving Small Business Energy and Money

Small businesses enjoying lower energy bills through collaboration

The Reporter News, January 8, 2015

Solano County small businesses who participated in Solano Energy Watch Last Year are enjoying lower energy bills, officials said.

Solano Energy Watch is a collaboration with Solano County, Pacific Gas and Electric and the Solano Economic Development Corporation and provides businesses and public agencies throughout the cities and the county with a no cost evaluation of how and where they use energy.

A comprehensive report is then generated containing energy efficiency solutions and the latest PG&E rebates and incentives to lower their cost of upgrading or retrofitting to newer, more efficient technologies.

More than 100 small businesses participated in Solano Energy Watch last year and are now enjoying reduced energy bills and updated lighting and refrigeration, according to J.Paul Harrington, Solano EDC representative. Harrington said Solano Energy Watch (SEW) reduced recurring, annual, energy costs for participants by more than $200,000 in 2014.

“It’s an easy process which begins with a comprehensive no cost energy evaluation,” Harrington said. “We process the rebates and help find the right contractor for the job. In some cases, the rebates can cover up to 100 percent of the project cost. In 2014 alone, we have saved the businesses of Solano County over 2 million kilowatt hours.”

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