Soitec Achieves 46% Conversion Efficiency with Multi-Junction Solar Cells

Soitec achieves 46% multi-junction cell for CPV

PV Magazine, December 2, 2014

CPV developer Soitec, along with German research body Fraunhofer ISE and France’s CEA-Leti, has announced a new conversion efficiency record for a multi-junction PV cell. The cell is based on III-V semiconductor material, with the efficiency record achieved by using Fresnel lens concentration of 508 suns. The record has been confirmed by Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Soitec and its research partners reports that one of the challenges to be overcome was to ensure that the photons are distributed exactly among four sub-cells. This was achieved by “precise tuning” of each semiconductor layer.

Jocelyne Wasselin, vice president of solar cell product development for Soitec said that using the four-cell approach, would allow the company and its research partners to achieve a 50% efficient cell, “in the near future.”

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