Could Smart Thermostats Be the New Low-Hanging Fruit?

Are Smart Thermostats the New CFLS?

Energy Efficiency Markets, October 13, 2015. Image credit: Sébastien Barré

Commonwealth Edison, Nest, ecobee, gas utilities and advocacy groups are working together on the lengthy project. ComEd hopes to see the million mark reached in about five years, according to George Malek, ComEd’s director of energy efficiency services.

CFLs were once the “silver bullet,” then LEDs. And now Malek sees the rise of the smart thermostat as interest grows in the smart home and business.

The utility envisions the smart thermostats serving as an energy efficiency tool – reducing overall energy consumption – although customers may also decide to use them to participate in demand response programs.

Program sponsors are confident that consumers will install the thermostats because of the steep discount the program offers. The price of the thermostat is cut in half with about $120 in rebates available.

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