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VERGE SF 2013: What’s dumbing down smart cities?

GreenBiz, October 16, 2013

Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology is such a massive concept that its full potential can be barely fully imagined or realized until it’s in place.

M2M technology is all about connecting sensors and devices of all types — the basis of the Internet of Things — in order to provide a wealth of data and communication, allowing for an endless number of results: alerts for building managers about specific pieces of equipment that need repairs, custom notifications to people when buses they plan to take are about to arrive, and other connections that are only possible when things speak to each another.

With hundreds of millions of connections among devices already, there could be some 10 billion connections among sensors and devices in cities and homes within the next eight years, said Machina Research director Matt Hatton at a VERGE SF panel Wednesday on “How Cities Harness M2M for Buildings.”

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