Six Common Energy Efficient Myths: Busted!

Energy Efficiency Myths, Busted!

The Energy Collective, July 11, 2014

Summer means barbeques, pool parties, and . . . high energy bills. This is expensive and annoying on a personal level; but for business, it can be downright damaging. Peak demand and high energy costs join forces to sweat the bottom line for businesses around the world. Many businesses have accepted this as a harsh reality: a cost of doing business in the summer. But, it does not have to be.

Innovations in energy efficiency have made strides to empower businesses to control their energy consumption during the summer months (and throughout the year). Benefits of making energy efficiency a corporate priority this summer include increased profit margins and improved sustainability.

There are companies, both large and small, already taking advantage of new advancements in the realms of energy and operational efficiencies, demand response, sustainability, and energy management. Companies like Coca Cola, 3M, The North Face, and London’s Heathrow Airport are busting through energy efficiency myths to attain greater profits this summer.

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