Shining a New Light on Net-Zero Technology

How smart glass windows slash energy bills

SF Gate, December 29, 2015

It’s a kind of disappearing act in reverse.

Apply a trickle of electricity, and the window made by View can change from clear to almost pitch black. Control the current, and the window can take on any tint you need.

Based in Milpitas, View is part of a burgeoning market for “dynamic glass,” a market that according to Navigant Research could be worth $899 million worldwide by 2022. And the company’s windows could help California achieve one of its most ambitious energy goals — creating buildings that produce most of their own power.

View is turning a former racquetball club in Sunnyvale into a “zero-net-energy” office building — one that generates as much electricity as it uses over the course of a year. Solar panels on the roof will supply the electricity. The windows, covering about 40 percent of the walls, filter sunlight and glare to slash cooling costs.

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