Semiconductor Industry Plays Pivotal Role in Delivering Efficiency

Since the early days of the drive to energy efficiency, semiconductor devices have been delivering mission critical functionality to achieve results. From electronic ballast to VFD’s and todays LED lighting, the semiconductor industry is delivering value to and deriving value from the world of energy efficiency.

Innovation from STMicroelectronics Boosts Safety, Reliability and Efficiency of Industrial-Automation Systems

Market Watch, November 21, 2013

Geneva, November 21, 2013 – STMicroelectronics STM +0.89% , a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, is launching its new ISO8200B, an innovative isolated power switch that enables smaller, more robust and energy-efficient controllers for industrial automation equipment.

A wide variety of industrial-automation equipment, as well as general programmable logic controller (PLC) applications, will benefit from the enhanced space savings, user safety, noise immunity, reliability and energy efficiency offered by this new device.

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