New Sefaira HVAC Software Provides Real-Time Design Analysis

Sefaira Introduces New Software for HVAC Design Engineers

The ACHR News, December 12, 2014

Sefaira, a supplier of software for high-performance building design, has announced a new product for HVAC design engineers that it says enables unprecedented collaboration between architects and HVAC designers from the earliest stages of design, bringing together performance analysis and building information modeling (BIM) workflows across multiple members of the project team.

Sefaira’s newest product for HVAC engineers was previewed at Autodesk University this month and will be launched early in 2015. The company said it will provide real-time design analysis of mechanical systems and envelope options using the EnergyPlus engine, providing robust results quickly. The application reads architectural models, eliminating the need for engineers to rebuild models from scratch, and enabling engineers to work proactively with architects to understand the impact of design changes and key mechanical system parameters.

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