Schneider Electric Smart Grid Laboratory Unveiled in Canada

Schneider Electric Smart Grid Lab Opens in Canada

Smart Meters, March 9, 2015

Ryerson University and the Ontario Ministry of Energy have unveiled the Schneider Electric Smart Grid Laboratory (SESG Lab), Canada’s first university-based smart grid laboratory. The facility, which will be available to partners and collaborators, is designed to test new products and operational strategies, validate grid transformation solutions, conduct research, and train employees.

Ontario’s Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli says, “Building a smarter electricity grid is a key part of our government’s plan to modernize Ontario’s energy infrastructure and provide clean, reliable affordable power to consumers. Supporting Ryerson’s Centre for Urban Energy, and the development of the Schneider Electric Smart Grid Lab, we are setting the stage for innovations that will be the backbone for our energy system for future generations.”

According to Schneider Electric, “The SESG Lab can replicate the operation of a substation and feeders of an electrical utility distribution system. It has core infrastructure that supports organizations in the research and development of leading edge solutions and systems pertaining to smart grid technology.”

Léonce Fraser, vice president of Schneider Electric’s projects execution centre, Schneider Electric Canada. “Smart grids are the future of power in Canada. Pilot projects and testing will play a key role in building out the smart grid and we want to help companies with smart grid products, utilities and educators build a better future for Canadian energy.”

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