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Salt Lake City Leading by Example in Energy Efficiency

Salt Lake City Mayor orders energy efficiency

Fierce Energy, February 4, 2015

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker has issued an Executive Order designed to maximize energy management at all Salt Lake City facilities. In so doing, he stated that the city must “lead by example,” taking steps to “actively monitor energy use and improve the efficiency of city facilities.”

The goal is to cut energy waste, improve air quality, and protect natural resources.

Focusing on the comprehensive energy management of Salt Lake City-owned and operated facilities, the Executive Order emphasizes the evaluation and implementation of energy-related best practices. Under the Order, City departments must create an energy management plan that identifies energy-related opportunities, as well as near- and long-term strategies to capture potential savings, including annual benchmarking of energy consumption and public transparency regarding energy performance information; identification and documentation of energy-saving opportunities through the establishment of an energy audit program or other protocols that can prioritize projects every five years; development of guidelines and a retro-commissioning and re-tuning plan that ensures building systems are consistently operating efficiently; creation of guidelines for building operator energy management training; development of employee engagement strategies to ensure that City employees are aware of energy-saving goals and are engaged in activities to reach these targets; and exploration of renewable energy opportunities that can be used to offset the energy impacts of municipal operations.

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