Running Costs Dominate TCO for Air Systems

Estimates are that 10% of all the energy consumed in the world is used to compress air and that as much as 50% of that energy is wasted!

As with most energy consuming systems, when looking at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) the daily running costs dominate the equation. Yet, so often when making equipment purchases the initial capital cost of the equipment is what people look at. While much can be done to eliminate waste in the system, when it comes time to replace the main unit, daily running costs should be the focus of the discussion and spending a little more up front can save a lot over the life of the equipment.


How to reduce the cost of compressed air

Ferret, February 20, 2014

With electricity costs at an all time high, there are a number of areas manufacturers can focus on to reduce their spiraling compressed air generating costs. Alan Johnson reports.

Advanced ultrasonic flow meters can be connected to the outside of a pipe, offering zero pressure drops, no process interruption, high accuracy, resistance to dust and humidity, and reduced installation time.

A data log graph from data using a flow meter.

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