Rhode Island’s Long-Term Sustainability Goals Encourage Solar & Wind

Solar panels helping RI to meet renewable energy goals

Turn to 10, May 20, 2015. Image credit: afrndz

About 1,600 solar panels now sit on what was once vacant town-owned land, generating enough electricity to power 100 homes, and bring in $3,000 in annual tax revenue to the town of Richmond.

With more states offering towns, businesses and homeowners more incentives to install and use renewables, it’s driving down the cost of generating the power this way.

The first year of National Grid compliance was in 2007. Right now, 8.5 percent of electricity sales are generated by renewables in the Ocean State. The goal by 2019 is 14.5 percent.

For details on how your, your business, city or town can get on board with renewable energy, click here.

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