Retrofitting HVAC & Refrigeration for Optimum Efficiency

HVAC Retrofits Can Slash Energy Consumption

Sourceable, January 13, 2015

According to Peter Bush, CEO of Aeris Environmental, the upgrading air conditioners and refrigeration systems provide the single biggest opportunity for Australia to achieve large-scale reductions in carbon emissions.

While green retrofits often focus on lighting systems and the installation of high-efficiency lamps, Bush points out that air conditioners and refrigeration systems comprise a staggering 22 per cent of all electricity production usage in Australia, equivalent to 42.26 megatons of greenhouse gas emissions, or 10 per cent of the total.

This share is even greater when assessment of energy consumption is confined solely to built assets.

“In any given building HVAC represents on average 52 per cent of the total energy consumed by that building,” said Bush.

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