Residential Technology Improves Insulation & Filtering, Doesn’t Sacrifice Style

Window and door technology improves energy efficiency without sacrificing style

Santa Cruz Sentinel, August 21, 2014

Doors and windows are necessities in a home, but there’s a price to be paid — especially if you have older styles that are less energy-efficient.

Luckily, homeowners have never had as many choices as they do these days, thanks to new technologies that have not only made energy loss less likely, but have helped in other ways — everything from keeping your furniture from fading to preventing moisture from creeping in under doors.

Windows have come a long way since the late 1600s, when plate glass was first developed and ventilation openings in a house were known as “wind eyes.” Plate glass became more common and desirable for homes over the next few hundred years, and the term “wind eyes” morphed into “windows.”

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