Required Minimum Efficiency Standards Generating Energy Efficiency Savings

Energy Efficiency Standards Could Save Up to $1,000 on Energy Bills

Switchboard, October 25, 2013

Improved energy efficiency could save American consumers approximately $1,000 on their annual energy bill, according to estimates in a new report from the Consumer Federation of America. This is because our appliances, electronics, vehicles, and buildings use far more energy than they need to, which leads to more harmful air pollution and unnecessary expense for consumers.

And, as the report documents, the best way to deliver these savings to consumers is through energy efficiency standards – required minimum efficiency standards for vehicles and household products like refrigerators, clothes washers and air conditioners that reduce energy use while maintaining the same high level of service.  Efficiency standards already in place for household appliances alone will save consumers nearly$500 per year by 2020 – but as this report shows, there are tremendous savings still to be captured.

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