REGEN and Ayla Partner to Expand Internet of Things Market

REGEN Energy and Ayla Networks Create Strategic Partnership for Energy Management for Commercial and Industrial Customers

SYS-CON Media, January 26. 2015

REGEN Energy Inc., originators of the industry leading Swarm Energy Management® solution for demand response and demand management, and Ayla Networks, provider of the industry’s first Agile Internet of Things (IoT) platform, unveiled a strategic partnership today to expand the market for products and services for helping commercial and industrial customers lower their energy consumption and costs.

REGEN’s Swarm Logic™ solution is a wireless energy management platform for dynamically controlling devices and electrical loads in commercial and light industrial facilities that have Ayla’s communication agents running inside. Ayla specializes in cloud-based services and technology that allow equipment manufacturers and OEMs to create and support Internet-enabled devices. Through the partnership, REGEN and Ayla will create a thriving ecosystem of intelligent equipment designed to curb energy without impacting critical operations or comfort, accelerate adoption of demand response and provide mechanisms for gathering and analyzing performance data and customer feedback so these new products and services will improve over time. REGEN and Ayla will collaborate on both product development and go-to market strategies.

“Commercial and industrial customers want more control over power, especially peak power. What they haven’t had is a broad spectrum of products and services that let them manage it effectively or participate in demand response programs. They’ve been stuck,” said Pete Malcolm, CEO and President of REGEN Energy. “Through this alliance, REGEN and Ayla will remove the roadblocks in a way that will benefit end-users, manufacturers, communities and even utilities. Soon, every piece of equipment you own will contribute to your energy strategy.”

Commercial and industrial customers account for 46.4 percent of all energy consumption in the U.S. By 2018, industrial customers will consume more energy than any other sector, including transportation. Peak power is a particularly urgent problem: over 20 percent to 50 percent of an industrial customer’s utility bill can come from peak power use.

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