Recommissioning: A Hot Trend in the HVAC Commercial Market

Recommissioning Heats Up the HVAC Commercial Market

ACHR News, August 24, 2015. Image credit: weinstock

Recommissioning is currently a hot trend in the commercial market, according to members of the industry who frequently work with facility owners and operators. Because recommissioning enables facilities to substantially reduce their energy costs without making huge capital expenditures, there is the potential for quick return on investment (ROI) after one of these projects is completed.

Callahan added, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that commissioned buildings have 8-20 percent lower operating costs than noncommissioned buildings, which, he said, “is a big deal.”

Of course, how quickly a recommissioning project achieves its intended ROI, along with how much money is saved, depends on many factors. Overall, according to Ciernia, savings of 5-25 percent are generally achievable with recommissioning.

Other trends in the commercial market are also bringing attention to the benefits of recommissioning, especially the emergence of smart data and analytics. More data are being tracked on how buildings are operating and using energy, and this information is leading to a broader interest in recommissioning.

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