Proven Benefits of Green Building Technology

5 Ways Going Green Is Great For Buildings

Earth Techling, December 5, 2013

As the U.S. green building movement enters its third decade, the market has reached a tipping point.

The 2013 global Energy Efficiency Indicator [PDF] research study of 3,000 facility management executives indicates that only 5 percent had certified a green building before 2012. Yet 29 percent plan to certify a least one facility in 2013. This represents tremendous growth, but as the market evolves for green buildings, so should the definition of green buildings. LEED v4.0, the updated USGBC rating system, takes a big step forward in this evolution.

In the next decade, buildings will become more grid-responsive, resilient, efficient, energy-positive and networked. Put those terms together, in other words, and they spell “GREEN.”

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