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Propane Refrigeration System for Glycol Food Prep Table

Turbo Coil Revolutionizing the Industry with Its First R-290 Propane Driven Glycol Prep Table & Chef Base in the World

PR Web Press Release, October 30, 2014

Turbo Coil, a newly designed restaurant refrigeration R290 Propane Glycol Pizza Prep table & Glycol Chef Base is the first OEM manufacturer in the USA to produce a R290 is revolutionizing and redefining the restaurant refrigeration industry in a big way. Developed by Hector Delgadillo, Turbo Coil combines substantial technological and construction advancements that ensure longer life, far superior performance and significant cost savings to the end user. The Glycol Prep tables was tested at PG & E/Food Technology Center in San Ramon, CA in October 2013 add the prep table results we off the charts on performance and energy savings. This new innovation is going to set the standard for all Prep tables in the world. Turbo Coil’s Glycol will be the first prep table to earn an “Energy Star rating”. You can view the test results on Food Service Technology Center website under latest publications. Our new Glycol Prep table is far superior than Kairak’s Blu System that is on the market.

According to Hector Delgadillo, CEO of Turbo Coil, “We have been servicing and installing refrigeration coils for years. They all have similar problems, resulting in more cost to the end user. We wanted to make a product that would ‘blow the whistle’ and restore buying power to the customer. We did just that.”

The Turbo Coil design, while relatively new to the industry, is already making big waves. The company has already contracted with Cheesecake Factory, BJ’s Chicsgo for Pizza, Encore/Wynn hotels, MGM Grand Hotels. “The past few years have been exciting. We have landed some major accounts, and the industry recognition we have been receiving has been nothing short of overwhelming.”

Several key differences help set Turbo Coil apart from the competitors that have long dominated the industry. For instance, rather than aluminum, Turbo Coil utilizes high quality stainless steel for superior life in their refrigeration coils. In addition, it integrates a breakaway fan assembly that can be replaced with ease, as well as a removable/replaceable core. This is one of the most significant differentiating factors – most coils have to be replaced when the core fails, with a cost of more than $1,000 for replacement. The average lifespan for standard coils is about 5 years. However, the Turbo Coil can last for up to 15 years with minor maintenance.

Another feature that Delgadillo insisted on is that the coils be manufactured in America, and they are assembled right in Duarte, CA. Each coil features a high efficiency blower motor designed to provide the utmost in heat recovery, and a multidirectional fan ensures cooling to any location where it is required.
The housing is manufactured from #304 #4 finish stainless steel to provide the utmost in resistance to age, debris, moisture and other corrosive factors that can combine to reduce coil life. Finally, the Turbo Coil features a streamlined, slim design that ensures it mates perfectly with any application.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the Turbo Coil is the fact that it utilizes a digital thermostat. Turbo Coil is the only manufacturer in the industry utilizing digital thermostats. Other coils rely on outdated analog thermostats, which can be up to 5 degrees off in accuracy. Digital technology allows restaurant owners to enjoy lower utility bills without sacrificing performance.

The Turbo Coil design is set to stand the industry on its ear – the unique design and immense longevity combined with the ability to save users money in both the short and long term have made this coil a force to contend with on the market.

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About Turbo Coil: Turbo Coil manufactures fully assembled evaporator coils for the commercial refrigeration industry. Their customers include kitchen fabricators, kitchen designers and service contractors. Manufacturing out of Duarte, California, Turbo Coil’s mission is to change commercial refrigeration by integrating the latest available technology, maximizing efficiency, minimizing energy consumption and developing loyal relationships with customers based on their commitment to quality. The company stands behind their goal of “quality you can trust.”