Preparations for HVAC Systems Before Battling Summer Heat

Getting the most out of your hvac system this summer

My Fox Philly, May 2, 2014

April showers bring May flowers and often June, July and August heat waves. If youd like to enjoy your HVAC cooling system to the fullest this summer without breaking the bank, spring is the time to take a few simple steps to prepare.

First Things First

Why not do a test run of your cooling system right now? This way, you can see how well its working and troubleshoot any issues before the thermometer soars way out of sight. Besides safeguarding your family’s  comfort, youll be able to quickly get professional help for problems that are beyond your DIY scope. Rule of thumb: HVAC technicians are almost invariably easier to get hold of during the off-peak season and their rates may reflect this.

Next, go outside and inspect the exterior unit for debris, dead leaves and plant growth that have the potential to block the airflow.

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