Energy Efficiency

Poll: Almost 50% of UK Residents Don’t Understand Energy Efficiency Measures

Poll Shows Poor Understanding Of Energy Efficiency

Green Building Press, November 16, 2013

According to recent research, 40% of UK residents don’t understand energy efficiency measures, 90% are concerned about increasing energy prices, and two thirds admit they will struggle to pay bills this winter.

The study has highlighted the extent of British energy consumers’ woes, with 90% admitting that they are concerned about increasing energy prices this winter.

The poll was carried out by Bristol-based Sustain, a UK sustainability company which helps both private sector businesses and public sector organisations to improve resource efficiencies. It alarmingly revealed that 16% of those who responded will need to cut back on household essentials such as food in order to pay their bills this winter, with only 1 in 10 – 10% of Brits claiming that they have no concerns over paying them.

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