Philly Begins Energy Reduction Race in Response to Benchmarking Report

Philadelphia Announces Energy Use Reduction Race, Benchmarking Report Results, October 14, 2014

Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter Tuesday announced the start of the Energy Reduction Race, a citywide competition to save energy in Philadelphia’s largest buildings. The Mayor also said the City has released the Year Two Energy Benchmarking report Executive Summary and data and that it will participate in the United States Department of Energy Better Buildings Challenge.“The Energy Reduction Race builds on the momentum of Philadelphia’s Energy Benchmarking program,” said Mayor Nutter. “We know that there is a significant opportunity to cut energy use and costs, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions through more efficient operations. After two years of tracking the energy performance of the city’s biggest commercial buildings, we can now evaluate the real value of energy reduction. The Energy Reduction Race is a great way to engage the private sector to invest in building energy performance and develop best practices we can share across the city.”In regards to the Energy Reduction Race, several buildings have already signed on to the competition, which runs through September 30, 2015.

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