Pharmaceutical Giant Enrolls in Schneider Electric’s Energy University

Merck Adds Global Training In Energy Efficiency

Forbes, August 25, 2014

Big companies require employees to complete training for all manner of processes and procedures, why not for energy efficiency?

Pharmaceutical giant Merck is doing do just that: in early August, it signed up for Schneider Electric’s Energy University, a catalog of more than 350 “product-neutral” courses that its 70,000 employees can take online.

The ultimate aim is to give the entire Merck workforce ideas for cutting energy consumption by up to 30% not only in the facility where they work, but also in their own homes. If they want, they can complete enough courses to become a Professional Energy Manager (yes, there is a certification for those skills, recognized by the Institute of Energy Professionals; it’s been around for more than 35 years).

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