Overwhelming Data: Ohio’s Renewable & Efficiency Standards Save Consumers Money

Proposal to Dismantle Ohio’s Clean Energy Standards Based More on Science Fiction than Fact

Union of Concerned Scientists, April 24, 2014

The proposal to dismantle Ohio’s clean energy standards remains on the table as the Ohio legislature takes a recess until May. The rationale behind this proposal, however, doesn’t hold water and Ohio legislators should reject it when they return to Columbus.

At the end of March, State Senator Troy Balderson introduced Senate Bill 310 (SB 310), which would dismantle Ohio’s popular and economically beneficial renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. The bill creates a committee to “study” the issues, an obvious tactic to undermine good policy. His recent commentary in the Columbus Dispatch tries to justify this legislation by claiming that Ohio’s clean energy laws cost consumers, impede economic development, and are not based on sound science. In fact, the evidence shows just the opposite.

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