Opower Focuses on Behavioral Science to Nudge Homeowners to Efficiency

Opower’s 5 Principles of How to Design for Energy Customers

GreenTech Efficiency, September 10, 2014

“The average person thinks about energy use for only nine minutes per year,” according to Deena Rosen, Senior Director of User Experience at Opower.

How do you get energy customers to make smart and meaningful choices when they might not care very much about it? This is a challenge recently-public energy-efficiency program administrator Opower confronts every day.

During her presentation at GTM’s Soft Grid event today, Rosen spoke about how data obtained by utilities can be translated into insight and action. “Data analytics is the most important frontier for utilities seeking to modernize their business,” she said, but she added that Opower’s point of view is “analytics alone will not accomplish customer-driven utility objectives.”

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