Operators Putting Games in a Whole New Light, Saving 50%-60% in Electric Costs

ThinkLite Completes LED Lighting Retrofits for Tennis, Lacrosse and Soccer Facilities

PR Web Press Release, July 2, 2014

Visibility is key when it comes to playing indoor sports like soccer, lacrosse and tennis; and three intrepid Massachusetts indoor sports entrepreneurs at the Bass River Tennis Club, Fore Kicks, and Home Grown Lacrosse came to the same conclusion. Improved lighting on the playing surface, delivered by ThinkLite, a Massachusetts-based lighting efficiency leader, has helped differentiate their facilities and delight their members and players.

“I’m a very happy customer!” exclaimed Mike LaPierre, President of Bass River Tennis Club in Beverly, MA.

“We have ten courts. Five were lit by traditional T8 fluorescent lamps and the other five by T5 fluorescent lamps. Because the T8 lighting was so dim, members actually considered us a five-court club! We agreed to retrofit one T8 court and one T5 court with ThinkLite’s LED lamps, and we were blown away. That quickly led us to retrofit all ten courts with ThinkLite. My only regret was that we didn’t do this sooner.” Bass River worked with ThinkLite to apply for a project rebate from National Grid. “We got a 70% rebate, financed the balance interest free for 24 months and started saving electricity immediately,” said LaPierre.

ThinkLite LED solutions save operators even more because the lamps retrofit into existing fluorescent fixtures, eliminating the need to invest in new lighting fixtures, thus saving thousands in hardware and labor costs.

Bryan Brazill of Home Grown Lacrosse in North Andover echoed the praises from Bass River, “Lacrosse is an ultra fast game and ball visibility is key, so when we decided to make the switch from fluorescent lighting to ThinkLite LEDs, we were hopeful it would make a difference. Well, our product is our playing surface and ThinkLite improved it dramatically, while saving thousands in rebates from his electric provider.” Brazill is now eagerly anticipating every electric bill as it arrives each month so he can track his savings.

ThinkLite also recently completed a relight at Fore Kicks, one of New England’s largest sport complexes. Their Norfolk facility now has greatly enhanced lighting on the soccer, field hockey and lacrosse courts, all while providing substantial energy savings that will multiply month in, month out.

ThinkLite is helping numerous businesses in Massachusetts enjoy significant savings and rebates. Energy rebates in Massachusetts are substantial, often between 30%-70% which dramatically lowers the project out of pocket costs for their owners. In addition, as a result of keeping existing fixtures intact, the average breakeven period of a ThinkLite LED project is 2 years, compared to the industry average of 5 years. With rebates, operators usually break even within a few months. The savings are almost immediate as operators see their electric bills shrink.

Mike LaPierre of Bass River Tennis sums it up, “The difference in lighting with ThinkLite’s LED solution was like going from night to day!”

About ThinkLite 

ThinkLite is a global lighting efficiency company that custom designs, manufactures, distributes and installs energy efficient retrofit solutions to commercial customers and governments. The Company’s efficient lighting products leverage proprietary LED and Induction technologies that specifically adapt to existing infrastructures. The Company is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, with operations in 14 countries.